A distillery full of events

We organize all kinds of events at the Visitor center all year round. Local artists exhibit their art on our walls, we have gigs and, for example, burelsque shows and the restaurant arranges brunches and other culinary experiences. 

And, of course, we have the wonderful Kyröfest each year. It's a distillery festival and a yard party gone big and crazy. It's simply unforgettable.


Kyröfest is arranged this year on 19.8.2023. It's going to be spectacular! 

Prepare yourself for great music, arts, delicious food and, obviously, some fine ryeful cocktails! 

You'll also be meeting all of us Kyröans.

Food experiences

Whisky Dinner 20.5.
Rye is a grain of many magical qualities indeed. Now it's an elemental part of our special whisky focused dinner. 

We arrange the Whisky Dinner about four times per year. During the evening we'll tell you stories about whisky and get to dine with dishes especially developed for our whiskies which we will be tasting while enjoying the exquisite food our talented kitchen has prepared with love. 

This you cannot experience anywhere else in Finland!
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Brunches are arranges about five times per year. We offer you a warm get-together while enjoying the magnificent food made out of local produce. 

And why not have a glass of our rhubarb bubbly to elevate the experience.


Art Exhibition: Truupperi – Star Wars 1.3.-31.5.2023

Currently we are exhibiting a Star Wars themed photo exhibition by Janne Mällinen from Vaasa. 

Mällinen is 44 year old photographer who has both made and photographed Star Wars figures from 2016. 

"First I did the shots outside. Eventually I also started to mold the figures my self and also started to build the props and settings. Suddenly I had a proper studio in a storage. I learned how to 3D-model."

The theme is Star Wars, but the situations in the pictures are as imagined by the artist. They also contain humour while not forgetting the contemporary happenings in the surrounding world. 

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