Kyrö house

Stay with your group in an idyllic Kyrö guest house in the distillery's yard

Kyrö house rooms

In our charming guest house, you will find beds for a total of 10 people. The comfortable bed linen is made by our partner Lapuan Kankurit. Towels and ready-made bed linen are included in the rental price.

One single room
Three double rooms
One triple room

Common facilities

The Kyrö house was completely renovated in 2017, giving the old house a decor that reflects its era with a touch of modernity. We have aimed to use as many recycled materials and furnishings as possible in the interior design of our house.

The dining room.

The dining room can be separated from the living room by a sliding door. The large table can comfortably seat approximately 10 people at once.

The living room

The idyllic living room is a relaxed space for communal gatherings. The room features two large Hakola sofas, an armchair and a tv.

The kitchen

Our gorgeous kitchen is crafted by local carpenter Keijo Hissa. Guests are welcome to use the kitchen during their stay, and you'll find everything you need for cooking.

The foyer

When you enter our Kyrö House you will find a foyer where Reino slippers are available for everyone. From the foyer, there is access to the bathroom, utility room, upstairs bedrooms, downstairs bedroom, and the dining room

The utility room and shower

In the utility room, you'll find a shower stall along with a washing machine and a dryer available for guests to use freely.

The sauna and shower facilities are located in a separate building within the Kyrö house yard.

When you rent Kyrö house

The entire house is rented at once for a group, and the house is available to guests on the arrival day from 4:00 PM or as agreed. The house is to be vacated on the departure day by 12:00 PM. The rental includes Kyrö House and sauna facilities, bed linens and towels made by Lapuan Kankurit, Dermosil cleaning products made in Ostrobothnia, coffee, tea, final cleaning, and our kitchen's fantastic breakfast.

Kitchen breakfast:

Smoked ham-filled bread L
Honey-blueberry overnight oats L
Sea buckthorn-yogurt shot L,G
Country-style pate L,G
Potato salad and boiled organic egg L,G
Tomato and Myrttinen's pickled cucumber M,G
Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

Entire house rental: €450/day + €32/person for bed linen & breakfast package. Additional days 200 €/day.

Note! The house is not available during Kyröfest 17.8.


Unfortunately, for allergy reasons, pets are not allowed in Kyrötalo.

Additional Services at the House

If you wish, you can order a hot tub for your group at a price of 120 €. The price includes the hot tub filled and preheated. The customer is responsible for keeping the hot tub warm after arrival at the house.

Order some treats for the evening gathering at the Kyrö guest house. You can choose little treats 25 € or the bigger treats 35 €.

Experiences at Kyrö Distillery

During the evening you'll enjoy our stories, tastes and scents. Kyrö dinner package includes a dinner from local ingredients, the distillery tour and a tasting. You should reserve about 4 hours for your full experience.

A lovely lunch of delicious local ingredients prepared by our kitchen.

Internationally awarded drinks are distilled in Isokyrö. Book a distillery tour for your group and we'll tell you all about Kyrö adventures from sauna to where we are now

Join a ryeful journey in our guided gin and whisky tastings. We'll tell you all there is to know about Kyrö and the process of making the fine rye products.

During the whisky tasting you can dive deep in the world of rye whisky. Five of our ryeful products are included in the tasting.

Want to learn how to make a perfect Whisky Sour or some other delicious ryeful classic? Welcome to a joint journey into the world of cocktails.

You can book meeting rooms for a few hours or the entire day. The price is determined based on the services. Meeting room rental alone starts from 55 €/hour.

Kyrö house story

Kyrötalo was originally built in the 1920s as the residence for the dairy manager. In the first phase, the part facing the road was constructed, and later, the house was extended towards the river. In the old section, the ground floor also housed the dairy office in the past. The office operated in Kyrötalo until 1984, when a brick office building was erected on the bank of the Kyröjoki River. The last dairy manager who lived in Kyrötalo was Ari Alhokoski. At that time, the dairy was operated by Juustomestarit, and their activities concluded in 2008.

General questions, answers, and information

The following cancellation conditions apply unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of booking. All cancellations made by the customer must be in writing (via email) and sent to Kyrö Visitor Center at the email address The cancellation date is considered the date when Kyrö Visitor Center receives the email notifying the cancellation.

  • Cancellation 0-7 days before accommodation: 100% charge.
  • Cancellation 8-30 days before accommodation: 50% charge.
  • Cancellation over 30 days before accommodation: no charge.

Force majeure situations, such as illness and accidents, are handled on a case-by-case basis. In such cases, we generally request a medical certificate or other official proof of the incident.

Kyrö Visitor Center reserves the right to cancel the customer's reservation in the event of force majeure. If a reservation is canceled due to the customer's disruptive behavior during the accommodation, no refunds will be issued.

In the highly unlikely event that the property owner makes a significant change to the reservation or cancels it, Kyrö Visitor Center will immediately inform the customer.

If the customer damages the property or its contents during the rental period, the customer is obligated to compensate the owner for the damages in full. The rules and instructions provided by the property owner must be followed during the rental period. Any violations may lead to claims for compensation.

The customer is responsible for any valuables left on the property.

In case of any issues with the property, the customer must present all complaints to the designated contact person at Kyrö Visitor Center immediately upon discovery, allowing sufficient time and opportunity for the Visitor Center to resolve the problem.

Kyrö House Address: Perttilän siltatie 3, 61500 Isokyrö
General Kyrö Visitor Center Email:
General Kyrö Visitor Center Phone Number: +358 10 5677971

The exclusive use of the entire house and access to sauna and shower facilities. Breakfast prepared by our kitchen, bed linens, towels, shampoo, conditioner, coffee, tea, and final cleaning.

Entire house rental: €450/day + €32/person for bed linen & breakfast package.

The visit can be paid by invoice afterwards. We prefer electronic invoicing.

We currently only rent the entire house at once, so renting a single room is not possible.

We do not rent the house for such purposes, as we have our own restaurant and meeting facilities at the Visitor Center specifically designed for these purposes.