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The Visitor center:
On telephone Tue-Fri 9-17
+358 10 5677971

Barrel sales:
Samuli Franke
+35850 3252580


Visitor Center CEO:
Tony Sivula 

Marketing and events: 
Ella Hakala

The Head Chef: Joni Pukkinen

Meet the story tellers

Tony Sivula
Sheep farmer and visitor center manager keeps leaving his keys in places he forgets about. Besides cocktails specializes in all things made out of sour dough.
Susanne Koivisto
The restaurant manager and tour host got very excited about Disney+ coming to Finland. Loves sushi, iced coffee and her cat.
Joni Pukkinen
Grandma's pancakes with real butter and sugar and the joy of finding wild strawberries started the story. Our head chef makes taste journeys at Kyrö unforgettable.
Saija Hautala
As a kid she was always on the baseball field. Now she's in the kitchen. When she's not cooking, she keeps herself busy traveling through Google Maps.
Iida paasonen
The power house of a woman does burlesque, is interested in shamanism and breathes music. Iida hikes both in nature and at the distillery while giving tours and sharing Kyrö stories with our visitors. This Wonder of the east lives in lapland during the winter moths.
Kristiina Perkiö
She believes fighting makes sense when you do it in Spanish and mornings are worth it when you can sleep – Maybe that's why she works the nights behind the bar.
Nanni Nyberg-Koskela
Nanni dreams of living either in an old village school house or on a farm just like Pettson or Findus. She wants to travel through Europe on a minibus, grows children and plants and loves all things pretty. Nanni does tours and Kyrö stories at the distillery.
Jenna Toivonen
Jenna takes care of the Visitor center marketing and events. This ray of sunshine just got back from the baby bubble to the rye bubble. There is nothing Jenna can't do.
Ella Hakala

Ella, who works in the marketing team, puts on rock music first thing in the morning and ensures a good atmosphere in Kyrö. On her days off, this girl from Nurmo organizes movie clubs and bakes her famous Finnish chocolate squares.

Lyydianna hangassalo
When she´s not hosting distillery tours, she enjoys Hogwarts spiced with magical tattoo ideas and ice cream bowls. Lyyti also takes care of our pop up tastings and our guests.
Julia Hirvelä
You can find the smiling Julia behind the visitor center bar. Julia is studying to be a culture producer and helps to organize our events. Julia loves plants and dreams of a cottage in the middle of a forest.
Samuli Franke

Samuli is a barrel hugger and fatbike adventurer who enjoys German rock tunes and spreading the good news of pickleball. He's also a father of five, and is trying to keep up with his pack of dogs and one over-enthusiastic cat.

If you want to sen us love letters or other surprises, you can send them to these addresses: 
Visitor center: Oltermannintie 6, 61500 Isokyrö

Helsinki office: Hämeentie 19, 00500 Helsinki

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