Fall in love with the tastes

An unforgettable culinary journey

The visitor center restaurant serves the most delicious ryeful food and cocktails. While sipping on a drink or enjoying your tasty dinner you will hear the Kyrö stories and about adventures we have had during the years.
Our kitchen prepares culinary experiences with the focus on local produce with a Kyrö twist. 

Our kitchen cooks for group all year round, but during summer season anyone can enjoy our food during the opening hours.
Well, it is already a small miracle we even have an actual cocktail bar in a small town of only 4500 people. But apart from that fact, our restaurant and bar is, of course, the place to be when in need of something ryefully delicious. 

Our cocktail bar is open during the Visitor center opening hours, so remember to enjoy the authentic Kyrö vibe during your visit.
The opening hours

On Saturdays 12-19. For groups for reservation from Tuesday to Saturday.

We are closed for the Midsummer week.

Outside of summer season we prepare food only for group reservations. 

During the summer season you are welcome to enjoy our delicacies whenever you like.
Summer season

The Visitor center opening hours 27.6.-12.8.2023:
Tue-Fri 12-19, Sat 12-22. 

Our kitchen is open during the summer season 27.6.-12.8.2023:
Tue-Fri 12-19, Sat 12-21. 

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