ISOKYRÖ 17.8.2024

A festival or a yard party gone big and mad? We are not sure, but we know it's going to be great.

Welcome to the most authentic festival there is!

Distillery festival brings people together

Kyröfest 2024

On the Kyrö Distillery premises on Saturday 17.8.2024.

Last year, Kyröfest tickets flew off the shelves long before the event, so don't miss out on the summer's highlight – grab your tickets early!

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the event will be hosted by viivi kuusela

Viivi Kuusela is a familiar face to many people from her social media videos.
She has also been seen on stand-up stages all over Finland.

"Kyröfest is a festival with taste, style and a Nordic attitude - just like Kyrö's products. I am delighted and honoured to have the honour of hosting this year's Kyröfest again. A warm welcome to enjoy great music, the atmospheric ambience of Kyrö Distillery, diamond cuisine, summer and happy people! You don't want to miss this festival!"

The artists 2024

These are the artists that you do not want to miss! Below you'll find the first artist announcements for Kyröfest 2024.

Where to stay during Kyröfest?

You can accomodate in Isokyrö area in Kalliojärvi camping and gottage.

In Seinäjoki we can recommend our friends at Hotelli-Ravintola Alma. 

It is also easy to stay in a hotel in Vaasa, as the festival area is easily accessible by bus from Seinäjoki and Vaasa.


Ruusut is an electronic pop band, whose members are Ringa Manner, Alpo Nummelin, Samuli Kukkola, and Miikka Koivisto. The band is known for its truly magical live performances!

Already in their first summer, the band gathered large crowds at various festivals, and their debut album, released in the fall of 2018, went gold. Their second album "Kevätuhri" was released in the summer of 2020, soaring to the top of the album charts for a long time. Ruusut also received Emma nominations in no less than four categories, including Band of the Year and Pop of the Year. In April 2023, the band simultaneously released two new albums, "Melankolia 1" and "Melankolia 2".


Leading the way in Finnish indie music, Arppa captivates the guests of Kyröfest with their energetic and captivating live performance!

Arppa's third album, "Valeria," is a perfect blend of pop, jazz, and rock. Over the past year, singles like Paha meno Penger kadulla, Kartta väärinpäin, and Kaverin synttäreillä have been released from the album. The record also features material recorded through improvisation. In 2022, Arppa received a total of four Emma nominations (Newcomer of the Year, Rock of the Year, Critics' Choice, and Artist of the Year - Audience Choice).


Aavikko is a Finnish electronic music band. Their proven stage charisma at live performances is equally impressive year after year, and they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of Kyröfest, as our yard is perfect for a dance party. We will get to hear songs from their latest album, Sound of Muysic.

The band was founded in Siilinjärvi in 1995. The members themselves refer to their musical orientation as "muysic" (a combination of the words "mystic" and "music") and their motto is: "We play – you dance!"

Rebekka Holi

Rebekka Holi is a singer and songwriter hailing from Helsinki, whose music is an insightful blend of rock and indie pop.

In February 2024, the singer-songwriter released her new album "Kukkaan," which represents a more straightforward pop and rock direction compared to her previous album "Posliinijättiläinen." Rebekka Holi composes the music and writes lyrics for her songs. The melodies in "Kukkaan" are catchy and distinctive, characteristic of Hol's compositional style. Her acoustic guitar playing also elegantly ties together the atmospherically charged tracks on the album.


In February 2024, Pesso, who recently released his new single "tennis," is touring across Finland in support of his new album and will also be making a stop in Isokyrö in August!

Pesso is an artist and producer who composes, writes lyrics, produces, and arranges his own music. With albums like "Kunnes mä tapasin sut" (2018), "Miks sä et oo niinku kaikki muut?" (2020), and "33" (2022) under his belt, the artist has solidified his position as one of the most intriguing performers and live acts of the current music scene.


Midsommaren is a welcome breath of fresh air to the Nordic melodic punk scene.

Based in Helsinki, the band consists of six friends who find solace in echoing guitars and straightforward punk rock songs with melancholic melodies. Midsommaren's debut 7'' Sottunga / Låt Den Brinna, released in 2021 on Dödstil, stirred positive buzz within the Finnish underground scene.

Paha Vaanii

Paha Vaanii is a club concept, an institution and a way of life for DJ Laura Vartio and DJ Harvest.
The folk festival, which is familiar from Siltanen's Summer Sundays, among other things, entertains and enthralls with Finnish music. The set includes old and new, classics and forgotten gems.

Tinyhawk & Bizzarro

Tinyhawks & Bizzarro, the experimental instrumental band that won the "Newcomer of the Year" award in January 2024, will also be performing at Kyröfest. The band includes lead soloist Jenni Kinnunen, guitarist Markus Väisänen and bass-drum duo Teemu Aho and Jaakko Pöyhönen. According to Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, "the band's debut album Nekorok, released in autumn 2023, sounds like a breath of fresh air that blows the dust off the Finnish electric guitar music that has been stored safely in the attic."

What do you mean

a distillery festival?

Fresh Finnish music for every taste. Art experiences made together. Ryeful drinks and delicious food. An authentic atmosphere. Remember to bring your sweater!

Bus transportation to Kyröfest

We are once again organizing transportation from Seinäjoki and Vaasa to Isokyrö and back during the festival. We'll announce the schedules during the summer!