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Tasting - Veera Kujala

Dreaming about a spirit tasting?

Join us for a rye tasting

Learn about whisky, gin and other craft products

Have you always wanted to know more about whisky and other spirits? Join us for a guided Kyrö spirit tasting. You get to taste our different products while you learn the stories behind the award-winning rye spirits.


Tasting takes about 45 minutes and is arranged after the distillery tour. See tasting times below by selecting the date and time. The price for a tasting is 23€ per person. Please book your tour and tasting in advance with the booking app below. The tastings are in Finnish. Please book an English tour by sending us email at The Kyrö Distillery Company webshop gift cards are not accepted as payment in the visitor center.

Tasting - Veera Kujala


The distillery tours and tastings are booked separately, they are not included in each other. For groups with 10 persons and more, please book on "Group bookings".



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How to taste?

You don't have to know anything beforehand, just be ready to use all your senses with an open mind. We will guide you through observing the colour of the spirit as well as smelling it gently.

You only sip a small volume at a time when tasting. But let's do that part together so we can share all the interesting stories behind our products while you learn how to unlock all the different aromas and flavours in the spirit. Who knows, you might even end up recognizing all the 16 different botanicals we use in our Kyrö Napue Gin.

Tasting 2 - Veera Kujala

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